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Dorothy Diana RN, MSN
Sexual Health PMC
S Factor teacher (cert),

sexual health and wellness educator, 25-year yogi,  full-body feminine holistic detox coach 

"You are truly giving women an amazing gift that is are awakening the feminine energy that is within them, that has laid dormant for centuries.  I am excited to be a part of this journey- thank you for sharing it with me!"

"You are providing a safe space for me to explore my feminine, and we women need that. It's not just technique- I'm not a robot and I want to feel amazing and like who I am as an individual woman matters. But, the workout is hard- I'm sore the next few days!"

Aly D, West Palm Beach, FL

"I'm completely addicted to this practice. Its just different than pole, or anything else. I need this on the regular."


Jessica T, Mooresville NC

Dorothy's patience as I tried my first detox was very appreciated. Her availability and ability to guide me individually got me through the most difficult part - starting it and feeling safe enough to trust  the process. 

Jill J , remote detox client, Youngstown, OH

AC Fields, Huntersville, NC


Hello Gorgeous!

I am Dorothy Diana RN, MSN, Sexual Health PMC, wellness and detox coach, and 20 year yogi.

I believe sexual energy is the strongest vital force in the female body!

I had a long nursing career in clinical settings, then after noticing that very few medical patients ever achieve disease-free states, I spent roughly 10 years researching and alchemizing my health philosophy and knowledge to focus on what truly makes women well.

I advocate for preventative health and holistic wellness, and am especially focused on decreasing body shame and increasing energy through sensual and sexual reawakening, clean eating and living, and detoxing the body from chemical additives, environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals.

I have found that creating a seamless intersectionality between sexuality and spirituality of prime importance in raising frequency and vibration to give optimum vitality to women.

I focus on feminine empowerment, raising Divine Feminine and women's spiritual and sexual energy especially through somatic exotic dance, incorporating manifestation and prayerful practices as well as radical acceptance of emotions and eroticism.  

I began S Factor trauma-informed embodied sensual movement practice in 2003, and became nationally certified to teach in 2019.

II have a post-masters in Sexual Health and speak about these topics weekly soon a national radio show! I combine comprehensive holistic wellness knowledge and sexual health education with a passion for connecting women with their inner fire and desire for living a no-limits shameless life of delicious sensuality, energy and pleasure. 

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