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Feminine Reclamation Clients Say

"I have been taking (class) with Dorothy for 7 months, and for someone who is "not a dancer" and not comfortable in her body, this has been life-changing... the biggest change I've seen has been I own my worth and don't accept what is not in alignment... Dorothy is amazing at creating such a safe space and I highly recommend her"

Heather E, financial coach, CEO,  and aerial artist

AC FieldS
Huntersville, NC

"You are truly giving women an amazing gift that is are awakening the feminine energy that is within them, that has laid dormant for centuries.  I am excited to be a part of this journey- thank you for sharing it with me!"

Aly D,
West Palm Beach, FL

"You are providing a safe space for me to explore my feminine, and we women need that. It's not just technique- I'm not a robot and I want to feel amazing and like who I am as an individual woman matters. But, the workout is hard- I'm sore the next few days!"

Jessica T.
Mooresville NC

"I'm completely addicted to this practice. It’s just different than pole, or anything else. I need this on the regular."

Tracey G.
Davidson, NC

"I find this practice so transformative. The tears just come sometimes... and at the same time, I'm having so much fun! I feel so sexy and like I have permission to just be what and who I want."

Coaching Clients Say

"I went into coaching more for relationships- I kept choosing really toxic men. I ended up heartbroken over and over and just giving all my energy to these guys and it was affecting my kids and my career, and my health. What really helped me was the inner healing and dating coaching alongside the movement, because it really helps you process the emotions and stuck stuff . She gives a lot of homework also! I actually lost 10 pounds that I believe is absolutely due to the healing work we are doing.". 

A Pelugi, holistic health coach and single mom of 2, Concord NC

Mooresville, NC

Dorothy Diana IS just as her name sake suggests - a gift from from God. This wonderful woman and her work came into my life amidst trying to break free from a horrifically abusive relationship. I was lost, confused, and shattered when we first crossed paths. Her work and essence has HUGELY contribute to my well-being, evolution, and ability to free myself of that connection.

Michelle R
Columbia, SC

The guidance given helped me recenter and full embody mySelf as an expression of Divinity. From being certain I was done... To being fully alive and my radiant self again. Thank you. She was a paramount player in my healing, and this experience has expanded me from the heart out. As a result, upward shifts have continued to occurred in my life. This journey is not for everyone, but if you are ready for it - to fully receive it - this work will change your entire life.
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