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AC FieldS
Huntersville, NC

"You are truly giving women an amazing gift that is are awakening the feminine energy that is within them, that has laid dormant for centuries.  I am excited to be a part of this journey- thank you for sharing it with me!"

Aly D,
West Palm Beach, FL

"You are providing a safe space for me to explore my feminine, and we women need that. It's not just technique- I'm not a robot and I want to feel amazing and like who I am as an individual woman matters. But, the workout is hard- I'm sore the next few days!"

Jessica T.
Mooresville NC

"I'm completely addicted to this practice. It’s just different than pole, or anything else. I need this on the regular."

Tracey G.
Davidson, NC

"I find this practice so transformative. The tears just come sometimes... and at the same time, I'm having so much fun! I feel so sexy and like I have permission to just be what and who I want."

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