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Choose your pricing plan

  • Private Coaching Beginner #1 (Bronze)

    A coaching and movement package designed to kickstart your deep dive into divine feminine fast!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 30 min initial assessment call to go over history and goals
    • 3 in-person 1-hr private somatic feminine movement classes
    • Breathwork to connect and ground pre-movement
    • Principles and practices of being in feminine energy
    • Follow up/closing 30 min coaching call after 3rd session
  • Private Coaching Beginner #3 (Gold)

    More coaching support between embodied movement sessions to better support your growth
    Valid for 3 months
    • Everything in package 2 (Silver), so
    • Introductory 30 minute assessment and reflection call
    • 3 1- hour somatic feminine movement sessions with breathwork
    • Principles of divine feminine energy and applicable tools
    • 30 min of reflection-coaching following each session
    • PLUS 45 min coaching call between movement sessions
    • Followup 30 minute coaching call to close out package
  • Private Coaching Beginner #2 (Silver)

    3 sessions of somatic embodied feminine movement followed by reflection and spiritual coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • Everything in Package #1 (Bronze), so
    • 30 min assessment/connect call reflecting history and goals
    • 3 sessions of breathwork with somatic feminine movement
    • Principles of divine feminine energy and tools
    • PLUS,
    • 3 30-min reflections and spiritual coachings post-movement
    • 30 minute follow up close-out coaching call post-package
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