S Factor and Yoni Yun

Yoni Yun Movement offers S Factor group classes in-person and on Zoom,  as well as private individualized intuitive sensual movement and pole.  Classes are a stretchy, strengthening, empowering blend of yoga, Pilates, exotic dance, and are infused with subtle trauma-release techniques using breath, sensual cues, and embodiment. In-person classes at Pole Dance LKN introduce the pole as a way to move in a fun "flying" way, express your beautiful authentic movement and release emotions and energy.


 Certifed S Factor teacher, yogi, Masters-trained nurse, and sex educator Dorothy Diana, brings the world-renowned S Factor practice, a healing and life-changing movement practice, to the Lake Norman area of Charlotte, North Carolina, and on Zoom.

Flowy, fun, slow (but very challenging!) classes, designed specifically for the feminine body and mind, this uplifting, shame-releasing and healing blend of exercise and empowerment coaching will leave you breathless, blissed out and ready to take on the world.

Let Yoni Yun help you on your amazing journey to rediscovering your divine feminine!