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ABOUT YONIYUN Sensual Realization and Manifestation, with Dorothy Diana RN, MSN

YoniYun teaches women to come back their feminine, fall in love with their bodies, reignite their feminine energy, and create an amazing positive flow that can manifest desires in all areas of life.
With both group and private classes offered either in-person or via Zoom, YoniYun meets each woman  on her individual sensual realization journey, making it an extraordinary movement option
for every walk of life. 


Each YoniYun class is flowy, fun, slow (but very challenging!) and are designed specifically for the feminine body and mind. This uplifting, shame-releasing and healing blend of exercise and empowerment coaching will leave you breathless,blissed out and ready to re-create your world!

The pole is simply one aspect of what YoniYun teaches women, but it receives quite a bit of attention.
There are some antiquated cultural connotations associated with pole dancing, but YoniYun helps women reclaim the pole while using it as a framework for the art of the beautiful feminine body! 

The vertical dance pole is exciting, challenging, and available for you to learn and play on.
The pole requires a great deal of core and arm strength, control and flexibility, all of which we will work toward together during your YoniYun journey. 


The pole becomes a magical exciting place to take the enormous amount of energy that will be created and released, as you re-ignite your joyous feminine body and spirit through music, embodied movement and dance.

Let Yoni Yun help you on your amazing journey
to rediscovering your divine feminine! 

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Put simply, we combine mild-intense stretching and strengthening based on carefully-curated,
technically-sound movement cues for your safety, with curvaceous, sensual exotic dance/yoga, generously slathered with uplifting and empowering words. educational and emotional support that draws on trauma healing, embodied movement therapy, breathwork, and more... whew!

Some women attend for a fun exercise, while others attend for a deeper journey. You may decide to focus on physical strength, flexibility in the muscles and joints and a sleeker leaner more "carved" physique-we can help you achieve that pretty quickly!  OR you might decide to dig deep and break free from limiting beliefs and traumas you weren't even aware were placed on you from childhood. The YoniYun journey choice is yours!

What makes it different than, say, yoga, or pilates or barre? All of which are great exercises that I recommend highly, especially when taken with an expert instructor. 

BUT... have you ever been on top of the world after an amazing job promotion you've worked towards, or when a publisher accepts the book you've put your blood sweat and tears into, or finding out that the person you love, loves you back? The connected moments in life with a friend or in a situation where you felt fully seen, heard, and understood … perhaps you experienced full bodily pleasure from a lover, or even a spiritual connection that uplifted you and carried you forward for a time, into an unshakeable positive outlook and increased creativity and stamina.

The feeling that you have walked into your purpose, everything is aligned and resonating, you are on top of the world, shoulders back, head high and so full of joy and confidence, knowing anything is possible?

This is what it is like to be a woman re-ignited, turned up and fully on!

YOU deserve this daily, moment to moment, and it is entirely possible. 

If however, you are walking around with life with hunched shoulders, tight contracted hips and pelvis, ashamed and embarrassed about your body and the voice you have in this world, come often and do the work. We are your tribe and will love and support your efforts to transform into the free and light beauty that you are!

You will become a woman fully realized, and fully immersed in knowing on a soul level,
your innate perfection exactly as you are. 


This is what is possible and happens regularly with women who practice intuitive, embodied dance movement.

YoniYun will bring you into a renewed relationship with your best self, by raising your feminine energy to a level that allows you to manifest the life you like and the body and confidence you deserve. 

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