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 Yoni Yun:
Sensual Realization and Manifestation,
with Dorothy Diana RN, MSN,
sex educator (cert)

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Welcome beauties, I am Dorothy Diana, founder of Yoni Yun Movement. We offer group and private sensual and intuitive movement classes in-person and on Zoom. 

 I am a certifed S Factor teacher, yogi, masters-trained nurse, and sex educator, blending the world-renowned shame-crushing therapeutic dance practice with my own 20-year yoga experience, understanding of body and sexuality science and health, to create my own series of classes and courses to move you into your happiest healthiest life!

I love to teach women how to come back into their best self, how to fall in love with their body, creating an amazing positive manifestation energy that creates desired changes in all areas of life.

Most of what I guide and teach is sexual and reproductive health, sensual embodied trauma-informed movement, and detoxing the body for longevity, symptom relief and overall health. But one aspect of what I include for some women gets a lot of attention, and not always positive. Let's talk about the POLE. There are some antiquated cultural connotations associated with pole dancing, but guess what? We ladies are reclaiming the pole, along with our bodies, using it as a framework for the art of the beautiful feminine body.

The vertical dance pole is fun, challenging, and available for you to learn and play on. It requires a great deal of core and arm strength, control and flexibility, which I can get you to. The pole becomes a place to take the enormous amount of energy that will be created and released, as you re-ignite your joyous feminine body and spirit through music, embodied movement and dance.

Flowy, fun, slow (but very challenging!) classes, designed specifically for the feminine body and mind, this uplifting, shame-releasing and healing blend of exercise and empowerment coaching will leave you breathless, blissed out and ready to take on the world.

Let Yoni Yun help you on your amazing journey to rediscovering your divine feminine!

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