What, and Why?

Hello beauties, Thank you for visiting!


To convey exactly what we do in my classes to women who have never taken one, can be tricky. Frankly, there is a lot of amazing stuff going on! 

Although, if you are just here for a great workout, that is what you will get.

In a nutshell, we combine mild-intense stretching and strengthening based on carefully curated technically-sound movement cues for your safety, with curvaceous, yummy sensual exotic dance/yoga, generously slathered with uplifting and empowering words: educational and emotional support that draws on trauma healing, embodied movement therapy, breathwork... whew!

Some women come for a fun exercise, and some come for a deeper journey...

Have you ever had such an amazing, body-rocking, soul-connecting sexual encounter that it stayed with you for life? An experience so validating and delightful that it literally transformed you, separating your life into “before” and “after”? If you are so lucky to have had one, or more, of these experiences, you probably understand what it means a woman fully realized, fully “turned up”. You were likely, in those moments, fully seen, heard, and understood on an inexplicable level… perhaps you experienced full bodily pleasure and even a spiritual connection that uplifted you and carried you forward for a time, into an unshakeable positive outlook and increased creativity and stamina. It probably set the bar pretty high for you for future encounters, for knowing what truly brings you pleasure, what you DESERVE.


This is what happens when a woman is turned on and turned up. (When, to put it frankly, the vagina is happy. Countless studies connect physical pelvic health and vaginal reponsiveness with mental connection and emotional status in women, but I will get into that on a later post.) Earth-shattering couplehood moments are not necessary to be a woman turned up and full of bliss in her life, however. That potential is inherent and accessible in every woman every day, just most of us have not been shown how to access it, much less that it is ok to access it! Why we are not shown and encouraged is for another discussion, but suffice to say it is hardly accidental.


The amount of power that is unleashed and available when a woman is ignited and on fire, in love, and in rapture with her own gorgeous self, is not to be underestimated. But – how do we even start to create a new generation of women that don’t have to go through a financially and temporally exhausting amount of therapy sessions, or research self-help ideas and avenues deep into the night, bounce around from yoga practice to meditation guide in an effort to find inner peace or even just inner tolerance? Well, starting young with excellent comprehensive sex-positive sex ed is one piece of the puzzle. Until we have a generation of women that are confident in their bodies and their right to pleasure, in all areas of their lives, who have squashed their own childhood or ancestral shame programs, it may be best to get help from outside sources for this! Another piece of the puzzle is having a tribe of women to feed off of and get support from who are intent on a journey to recover and discover their feminine power and divine intended bliss.


There are many sources in our current culture that will try to dampen your flame, to sabotage your journey, to undercut your intuition, to tell you that you don’t actually know what you KNOW, to tell you you are too loud, too quiet, too silly, too serious, too much, not enough… and on and on. It is time to resist and to transform. Say no to those voices, and yes to the Real Amazing You, that has been pushed down, turned down, denied, and shamed long enough. It is high time ladies. It is YOUR time.

Now, my classes may or may not sexually turn you on. That is not the goal. Although, at the end, you may be so titillated at the idea of your SELF, that you may want to go jump on someone! What my classes will do, however, is show you how divinely amazing your body and soul are. They will reconnect you with your ultimate source of power and pleasure, your divine feminine. They will emotionally move you, with music and verbal cues, and physically wear you out, with yummy stretches and muscle work. You will leave class feeling better, and being in a healthier overall state, than when you came in.


Now, a little deeper, to those of you vibrating high: We are in a time of enlightenment, where shadows are being exposed to light, where truth, integrity, kindness, love rule, and darker forces are being cast out. Find the tools and people that speak to you and align with them, stay positive and aware of your thoughts, for those create your future. Take care of your beautiful body with exercise that is fun and strengthening, and foods that are clean and from the earth. These are exciting times for those of us that have faith, and we are here to support each other now, as we all rise together!


Namaste, Amen

©2020 by Yoni Yun.