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Meet dorothy

Your Movement Guidess

Dorothy Diana, RN, MSN,
Sexual Health Educator
Certified S Factor Instructor

My superpower has been educating and caring for others through wellness practices and education. My undergraduate degree is in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, my Master's is in Nursing, and I have a post-master's certificate in my tie-it-all together passion, Human Sexuality.

I am a positive sex educator for youth and adults, and a preventive and natural health advocate. My movement practice background is in yoga, embodied movement and sensual and pole dance, and one of my great passions is helping women rediscover their power, get turned up, turned back on, and find their bliss.

I use trauma-informed education and manifestation priniciples to guide you to your optimum spiritual and physical health. My 20 year background in nursing and holistic wellness provides a wealth of knowledge and passion for freeing the body from a multitude of toxins that create less-than optimum health. I love to help women clear away any and all toxic beliefs or habits to free them to live their best life!

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