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 What to expect from movement classes

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new way to move, and a whole new way to feel!

I am so glad you will be joining us, starting on a journey that may very well change your life forever. If you attend regularly, this class will change your body and your mind, and you will transform into a better version of you, a happier, freer and stronger you.

f you have not attended a class at Yoni Yun or at an S Factor studio, physically it is in essence a yoga/pilates slow movement, strengthening dancy flow. For most of the moves you’ve likely done something similar, but in this class we focus on slowing down, and transitions.

Why? Slowing down is not something women or girls are encouraged to do much in our culture, especially when it comes to moving. From the time we are young, we are told to hurry up, stop dawdling, do more, even to compete with friends on being fast, the best etc...

Maybe you've been lucky enough to attend yoga regularly. Yoga encourages us to move on the breath, and if you're lucky enough to get a teacher that reinforces this, great, but many yoga teachers have succumbed to the power/aerobics model of yoga that emphasises how far you can push yourself and how much yoga a class can squish into an hour, not how your body feels and to move on your breath. 

So, when you are in your first few SFM classes, you are here to simply pay attention to how your body feels, and to breathe. Be patient as your body learns this new fantastic language of movement. My cues are suggestions only and class is very permissive. I I will verbalize and demonstrate the movements as I go. Your job is to listen to your body and take it further or less as she needs/asks.

I invite you to wear something cozy that you feel marvelous in, and consider wearing a yoga-ish underlayer like a tank or sports bra or workout shorts/leggings, to take off a layer as you get warmed up. We are going to be stretching and strengthening to wake up the juicy parts of you, to reignite and recharge your unique and beautiful feminine body.

If you feel a stretch that feels amazing, follow it further. If you want to collapse in a pile on a blanket and just listen, and wait for your body to feel inspired to rejoin the cues, do so with indulgence and PLEASURE. If you need more than what I am showing, make the movement bigger, bolder.

Mainly, commit to your own needs, have fun, and listen to your beautiful body, your feminine desire, and go where the music takes you...

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