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Radio Show 11/27 Hour 2: Layers of Sexuality: Performative/Presentational Issues in Intimacy

Performative or Presentational Sexuality and why women are best served evolving to the higher levels...

There are several levels of sexual realization starting with "flatline" (S Factor terminology), a complete turn-down/turn-off of all feminine energy and sexuality. (In sexual health or medical terminology this can be called HSSD -hypoactive sexual desire disorder. A medical doctor will try to prescibe something. There are better solutions. )

A woman in her flatline layer of sexuality will present as : Robotic, cold, disconnected. This can be intentional (to keep her body safe)I or unintentional (based on trauma or religious messaging, etc..). It is also all too common- many women come to me experiencing life heavily in this layer of sexual expression.

The next layer has become EPIDEMIC: it is called "performative" or "presentational" (S Factor) sexuality.

Interestingly, this is the sexual energy and level our culture seems to encourage the most for women, that the most important thing is how you LOOK, how others see you!" And her wounded inner child buys into this constant messaging (it makes others a lot of profit too- this of makeup and plastic surgery business!) so she buys literally into it -why? in an effort to "get love". So her sexuality is completely image-controlled and designed to "hook and seduce", is crafted entirely by what she thinks everyone else will find sexy and seductive. I t is artificial and performance-based, including in the sack! There is little to no embodied sensuality or authentic feminine energy.

So what happens in relationship? A woman embodying only performative/presentational sexuality will usually attract men who are "takers" not "builders", first of all. Secondly, a great guy (which many, if not most, ARE) will not be able to really feel her emotionality or connect, so will lose interest fast, or may just use her for her body and go back to his hunting and building, what the divine masculine does so beautifully. He is not a jerk. He is responding 100% to what she is offering. She will get a brief neurotrasmitter/chemical/trauma-bond "fix" and end up alone or with a man that will never provide for and protect her in a quality long-term relationship.

Sex is a need for both men and women, after all...

The reality is, a woman in her authentic feminine and soulful sexuality is WILD, MESSY, and PLAYFUL, and many other magnetic irresistible things... it is worth the journey to get there, both for you and your current partner, or your Divine Intended, to draw him in.

More on the layers of sexual realization next week!

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