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Unlocking Your Aliveness: Releasing Shame and Embracing Freedom

Have you ever stopped to think about how open and alive you feel in your life? How free are you to express your desires, your emotions, your true self? Or are you weighed down by restrictions, stuck in patterns of shame, guilt, and fear? Many of us carry the remnants of past messages and traumas that have closed us down, inhibiting our ability to fully embrace our aliveness and live a vibrant, authentic life.

The origins of these restrictions can often be traced back to our families, religions, communities, and societal conditioning in general. We are told that certain parts of us are bad and shameful, and we are taught to suppress our desires, our wants, and our emotions. We are made to feel guilty and undeserving, and we learn to comply and obey, resulting in a half-lived life that lacks true freedom and expression.

But how do we break free from these limiting beliefs, release the stuck places, and overcome the fear of being truly open and alive? How do we come into our abundance and fully connect with others in intimate relationships?

There are many ways to release the messages from the past and free the stuck emotion and energy centers within us. Breath work, sound, movement, dance, chanting/singing, and yoga are just a few of the practices that can help us on this journey. As a practitioner who works with women and sensual intuitive dance, I have found that there is nothing more fun, freeing, and igniting for the Divine feminine and her inner erotic creature than this practice.

Through intentional embodied movement, we can bring up any stuck energy, particularly from the root chakra and Jing energy, and transmute it into alive, erotic, and usable manifestation energy. This work allows us to become and stay open, even in the face of fear and conditioning that tells us to close and shut down. It challenges us to confront shame and fear, and to slay the demons that hold us back.

When we move through this old stuck energy and bring it upward into usable Chi energy, we tap into a wellspring of abundance in all areas of our lives - sexual, monetary, laughter, and all the other delights that life has to offer. This is where true manifestation and connection energy resides, where every breath becomes a joyous prayer, and every experience is welcomed as a gentle teacher.

The lightness of being that comes from this openness is palpable. It allows us to navigate life with a sense of freedom and authenticity, unencumbered by the weight of shame and guilt. It enables us to connect with others in a profound and transcendent way, where we can be seen and see others fully, without holding back. It opens up a world of possibilities and allows us to live a life of aliveness, abundance, and joy.

So, how can you start unlocking your aliveness and releasing shame to embrace freedom in your life? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Explore different practices: Experiment with different modalities such as breath work, sound, movement, dance, chanting/singing, and yoga. Find what resonates with you and makes you feel most alive and free.

  2. Be willing to face your fears: Confront the fear of being truly open and vulnerable. Recognize that the conditioning and messages from the past may be holding you back, but they are not your truth. Be willing to challenge and release them.

  3. Embody your sensuality: Connect with your sensuality and embrace your inner erotic creature. Allow yourself to fully express your desires and wants without shame or guilt. Embody your sensuality through intentional movement and dance, and allow it to transmute stuck energy into manifestation energy.

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