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The Layers and Progression of Feminine Sexuality

I'm excited to share a brief letter I wrote recently to my beautiful S Factor Journey 1 students here in North Carolina. The letter explains about how the 5 feminine geniuses work in play with the 5 layers of sexuality as they evolve in their journey to soulfulness. I combine Sheila Kelley's work with my own Sexuality Health education and work experience with clients:

We will begin to talk more and more about your Erotic Creature EC. To cultivate and know her better, we consciously constantly cultivate the 5 feminine geniuses, to move up through the play of the 5 layers of sexuality. I say play and not linear pathway, because although you will eventually achieve soulful sexuality, you will also find yourself drawing on or being at times more in another layer intentionally or just healthily moving through them as different life situations arise.

The 5 layers of Sexuality: Flatline (intentional or unintentional), Performative/Presentational, Animated, Emotional, and Soulful

Flatline - intentionally or unintentionally completely cut off from all sexuality. (Ice Queen, frigid, robotic, “cold” on automaton, can seem very much in masculine energy)…this can be healthy intentional and protective, or due to trauma, exhaustion/overburden, fearful, shame-based.

Performative/Presentational - superficial and external, presenting sexuality on the surface, sometimes occurring as a student emerges from flatline, but very much encouraged by popular culture, social media, and pornography…

Animated - forced self-conscious movement, to easy self-confident movement, think athlete, trained dancer, high fashion model. There is embodiment to some degree here, and integrated body confidence.

Emotional Sexy - the feminine heart is felt and seen by you, yourself!, sexuality is connected to emotion in a flow. Sexuality is truthful and vulnerable - this layer can be profound when discovered, and overwhelming in its storm.

Soulful Sexy - Acceptance and full freedom from constraints, beliefs, limits shame, fear, external images of correct… heart sexuality and body connected simultaneously. Inner beauty and sexuality are authentically connected to emotional self, a fully realized and integrated Erotic Creature is present!

And remember our 5 Feminine geniuses - Intuition, Curve of Movement, Sensuality, Communication/Connection, Emotability

The more you recognize, claim, practice and embody your geniuses, through your daily life and intentionally and meaningfully at your S Factor journey classes, the more you will move up the 5 layers of sexuality, into eventually not only discovering and integrating your EC, but having a soulful movement practice, authentic and truly connected with your feminine heart. Your whole feminine and sexual beingness will become soulful, where choices and actions are made from a deep place of knowing, choosing and loving your true self, and feeling on fire and joyful about your life, body, about your partner and those close to you…

You will begin to see and honor every aspect of your beautiful feminine Self, light and shadow, and have a deep understanding of who you are and how to meet your needs.

A soulfully sexual woman has a truly sacred sexuality and femininity that is divinely connected.

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