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This page is for students to find helpful demonstrations and breakdowns of movements taught in class, to strengthen the movement practice. I also have some demos of how the moves learned early on in class during floorwork, may be incorporated in so many ways as you learn to create your own beautiful movement expression!

These 2 ab-strengthening moves can be tricky at first- a simple breakdown.

Your dance is always for you: personal, and fun.

In this demo of a tease/top peel off (taught in Level 1/2) to this sexy Spanish song, there is no choreo, just intuitive movement and joy!

Firefly into spin climb, into chair sit, and prance down (in a free dance)

A "clean movement" breakdown of writhing goddess

Having fun with half-pint into corkscrew with leg splay, back to half-pint!

 No choreography for upper-level students- they have all the tools they need to express their divine feminine, and FLY! This is where my teaching process brings students: a place where they are fully in their own bodies, and experience the blissful freedom of embodied spontaneous dance that is all theirs...this is me moving freely to the emotion of this song.

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