More about what and why...

To convey exactly what we do in S Factor classes to women who have never taken one, can be tricky.

Frankly, there is a lot of amazing stuff going on! 

Although, if you are just here for a great workout, that is what you will get.

In a nutshell, we combine mild-intense stretching and strengthening based on carefully curated technically-sound movement cues for your safety, with curvaceous, yummy sensual exotic dance/yoga, generously slathered with uplifting and empowering words: educational and emotional support that draws on trauma healing, embodied movement therapy, breathwork... whew!

So, some women come for a fun exercise, and some come for a deeper journey...

Which is why we offer FFM/SFM in person both on Zoom as well as at Pole Dance Lake Norman in Mooresville, as well as privates, and (drumroll) the signature S Factor 8-week Journey classes will be coming soon to Lake Norman, NC also!

But why is S Factor movement so addictive?

What makes it different than, say, yoga, or pole fitness? (which are both AWESOME by the way, not to throw shade- I LOVE yoga AND pole fitness)


Have you ever had such an amazing, body-rocking, soul-connecting sexual encounter that it stayed with you for life? An experience so validating and delightful that it literally transformed you, separating your life into “before” and “after”? If you are so lucky to have had one, or more, of these experiences, you probably understand what it means a woman fully realized, fully “turned up”. You were likely, in those moments, fully seen, heard, and understood on an inexplicable level… perhaps you experienced full bodily pleasure and even a spiritual connection that uplifted you and carried you forward for a time, into an unshakeable positive outlook and increased creativity and stamina.

This is what is fully possilbe with intuitive, embodied dance movement, like S Factor and other Yoni Yun Movement classes. We bring you into a renewed relationship with your best self, by raising your feminine energy to a level that allows you to manifest the life you like and the body and confidence you deserve.